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Cydia On iOS 7: Ported By A Hacker Using OpenSn0w

As we know that the Cydia is a much need app running on any jailbroken gadget, at the moment we only can get the jailbreak on iOS 5.x or iOS 6.x, and the jailbreak for iOS 7 expected in near future. So we’ve to wait patiently to discover a genuine Cydia running on iOS 7.x, most likely on 7.1 or 7.2. But here is we found Cydia on iOS 7: ported by a hacker using OpenSn0w.


As we desperately hold out for the evad3rs crew to launch the jailbreak for new iOS 7, the cjori, a jailbreak hacker of many Cydia tweaks like Dashboard X, Applocker etc. has released some screen-shots of what Cydia, which is actually referred as unofficial App Store on iOS 7.

How does cjori make it happen?

According some report Cjori used OpenSn0w to tether-jailbreak iOS 7 on A4 based iPhone 4. Cydia was recompiled with the iOS 7 SDK and he manually debugged all the issues encountered using various UNIX tools.

But when asked if he will be releasing this iOS 7 compatible Cydia along with instructions on how to tether-jailbreak iOS 7, he said that while Cydia itself seems to be stable, a lot of the things revolving around it and jailbreak in general are very unstable, therefore he does not plan on releasing it at this point, but he might do so in future once things are fixed.

Cydia On iOS 7: Ported By A Hacker Using OpenSn0w

Here are some screen shots




Jay Freeman also known as Saurik, creator of Cydia, has also responded that the actually Cydia port by the cjori is a 3rd-party compilation of altered code from the earlier release of Cydia, and not the a sign of what the Cydia will seem to be on new iOS 7.

Also because Cydia is the registered trademark, although the Cydia code is open, a 3rd-party (same as Cjori) are unable to launch “Cydia”: they only can launch programs based on Cydia. so it only can be called as ”Cydia port”.

As you can see in above screen shots, the ported Cydia receives the white layer of paint that we have found with different stock iOS apps. Unless of course saurik is doing the job on an entire redesign, we will not be amazed if Cydia looks very close to this.